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SKINFOOD (Thailand)

Since first established in 2005, MALACHI has continued to expand SKINFOOD retail stores throughout the country each year.

With more than 40 branches in Thailand’s leading department stores in 2012, SKINFOOD Thailand stores can provide not only products to their customers but also quality service from estimate 200 trained experienced Beauty Advisors.

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Too Cool for School knocks on the doors of the cosmetic market by building on its rich experience as a rational distribution company where people can try all merchandises before purchasing them.

In November 2011, MALACHI has introduced one of the coolest cosmetics brand to Thai women & girls.

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Chefline has been exporting stainless steel cookware to all over the world including U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, and US

Since first imported to Thailand in 2012, MALACHI has introduced Chefline, the quality kitchenware brand to Thai people.

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Since 1974, Hurom launched world’s first patent technology using a screw to squeeze juice out of fruit and vegetable rather than high-speed grinding method.

MALACHI is the only sole authorized importer and distributor of Hurom in Thailand since 2011.

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Konad has been developing more and more fresh and high quality items for nail art. They creates new fashion culture of ‘Stamping Nail Art. The brand is famous among women around the world.

MALACHI has been importing and distributing brand Konad since 2011.

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